University Administration: Sustainability


As an authorized DOE Energy Star partner, Caldwell & Gregory knows how it important it is to you and your students to find ways to save energy on your campus. Installing Energy Star-rated front load washers is a great first step, but really just scratches the surface of how we help our schools conserve water AND energy.

Are you aware that front load washers require a different type of soap and a much smaller amount that what most people are used to using? We spend a great deal of time on college campuses making sure that students know how to use the machines properly.

In addition, we make sure that your dryer vents are kept clean so that clothes dry in one cycle and utility costs are kept to a minimum. Having to dry clothes for longer than necessary is a huge waste of energy and causes frustrated students!

Fun promotions are another great way to get your residents keyed in to what they can do to directly affect energy usage and water savings on your campus.

This is just a sample of the things that Caldwell & Gregory does to make laundry "green" at our partner campuses.