Condominium Laundry: References


There is a saying that states “If a company tells you they are great, that’s simply a claim. When their clients confirm they are great, then it’s a fact!” We encourage Associations looking at selecting a new laundry program to invest time finding out what other condominiums’ experiences have been. Speaking with property managers or Board members that have had experience with multiple laundry companies is extremely helpful, as they can compare the services they have received. If you are interested in hearing our story from a customer standpoint, we will provide the contact information for as many of our clients as you are willing to call. Here is a sample of what people are saying about us:

"I appreciate the people at Caldwell & Gregory. For the first time I can say that I am truly satisfied with my laundry service company.”

- Stephanie Deoudes
The Colonnade Condominium

"Since Caldwell & Gregory has taken over our complexes, we have had no complaints. When a problem does arise, we can always count on your prompt response.”

- Nancy McKay
GEM Management, Inc.

"There is no doubt that "professional" is the most appropriate descriptor for the service that C&G provides. There are no more complaints from residents or loss of revenue related to non-functioning equipment. Our owners, residents, Board of Directors, and management team are very pleased with the selection of C&G as our laundry program partner.”

- Vicki Vergagni
Glen Waye Gardens Condominiums

“There is such a remarkable difference between the Maytag machines and your service that we now enjoy, and the dismal results we suffered with in the past.”

- Rose Raines
Timberline Apartments

"Most importantly, our residents are thrilled with our new laundry facilities. The renovation of the laundry rooms has given our whole community a huge morale boost. We have rediscovered how important quality laundry services are to our residents."

- Barton Adams
F&W Management Corporation

"We accepted your laundry proposal and WOW! The results couldn't have been better. The residents are thrilled with our laundry operation now; and our laundry revenue has TRIPLED."

- Sherry Williams
Hawthorne Towers

“The words of one of our residents from the customer survey best sums up our experience with Caldwell and Gregory, "The visual display features are helpful, the dryers really dry, the room is now very inviting, it is now a pleasure to do my laundry, and the whole experience is 100% better," For Springhill Village, it was the best decision we made this year.

- Angela Koogler
Springhill Village

“GW expects to save more than 5.5 million gallons of water each year because each Front Load washer uses 18 gallons less water per wash than a conventional washer. The University estimates it will save over $50,000.00 per year on water and electric costs by installing these new washing machines.”

- Matt Lindsay
The George Washington University

"I am pleased to note that the laundry commissions earned at George Washington University have doubled since your arrival on campus.”

- Don Runyon
The George Washington University

“ Now we understand the value of computerized auditing of revenue.”

- Karen Frank
Georgetown University

"I wanted to take this opportunity to express the University’s appreciation for all the hard work your staff puts in. It’s hard to find individuals who really believe so strongly in their company, and demonstrate that on a daily basis.”

-Gary Reynolds
The George Washington University

"By using the new Maytag Front Load washer, our utility expenses have been reduced dramatically.

-Barton Adams
F&W Management Corporation

"Your promise of Red Carpet service and total satisfaction has been upheld without question.”

- Karen Frank
Georgetown University

"Before we switched to Maytag equipment and Caldwell & Gregory, I would receive phone calls almost daily about problems in the laundry rooms. Now I receive compliments not complaints.”

- Margo Vickers
Howard University

“I am happy to say that all laundry companies are not alike, and Caldwell & Gregory clearly is in another league. You always do what you promise, and respond to my needs the first time I call. It is refreshing to work with people who really care about their customers, and work as hard after the sale as you do.”

Stephanie Deoudes
The Colonnade Condominium

"Excellent equipment and Caldwell & Gregory have made this aspect of my job so worry-free that the only time I’m reminded that we operate laundry facilities is when the commission check is to be deposited.”

- Margo Vickers
Howard University