Condominium Laundry: Laundry Equipment


An outstanding laundry program requires outstanding equipment, and our philosophy has always been to provide the finest equipment available, regardless of the manufacturer. We utilize both Maytag and Speed Queen appliances, using the best of both lines to bring the optimum equipment mix for each individual Association’s needs. Unit owners want equipment that offers them features that go beyond a basic commercial machine. We provide equipment options that owners enjoy washing in. Our equipment provides:

  • The highest energy efficiency available
  • The greatest durability and service track record
  • Exciting user features that offer a “just like home” wash experience
  • State of the art pricing flexibility to allow each Association to determine how to charge for additional features

With C&G’s exceptional equipment, you can be confident that you are minimizing your utility costs, and maximizing your owner satisfaction and income. That is a “win-win” that works for everyone!

“ There is such a remarkable difference between the Maytag machines and your service that we now enjoy, and the dismal results we suffered with in the past.”

- Rose Raines
Timberline Apartments