Condominium Laundry: Card Systems


The overwhelming complaint of coin operated laundry users is the difficulty in finding quarters to wash week after week. Our card systems eliminate the hassle of finding change, and increase revenues by making it more convenient to stay on site to wash. We offer owners a variety of options for adding value to their laundry cards including:

  • Cash; $5, $10 & $20 bills
  • Credit & Debit Cards via direct swipe
  • Credit & Debit Cards via secure internet (requires no phone line)
  • Our secure internet option also allows users to text in a request for added value using their cell phones!
  • We utilize any one of these vehicles for adding value, or a combination of them depending upon the needs and layout of each Association.

Unlike others, our commissions on our card activated properties are paid based upon revenues collected in the Add-Value Stations (as opposed to machine cycle counts) so that our clients get the benefit of every laundry dollar. Card technology is just another way that we help maximize owner satisfaction and income to the Association.

"I am pleased to note that the laundry commissions earned at George Washington University have doubled since your arrival on campus.”

- Don Runyon
The George Washington University