Commercial Laundry: Senior Living


Caldwell & Gregory brings years of expertise to Adult Care facility laundry needs. We have found the typical laundry room (or space) is cramped and often setup with utilities designed for a home style washer and dryer. We have heard the story many times of owners and managers frustrated with purchasing “commercial heavy duty” washers from a local retailer only to find the washer breaks after only a few months of operation. True commercial laundry equipment is sold and serviced by commercial distributors.

• Maytag Commercial products
• Quick service response
• Creative Laundry Solutions
• Available inventory with fast delivery
• 5-Year Parts Warranty on select products

Caldwell & Gregory understands that there are many ways to be cost effective and we will find a washer, dryer or ironer that can meet your budget. We have created successful OPL rooms with high speed washers that cut labor costs, utilities and linen replacement costs. The Maytag Commercial Multi-load washers can even be easily connected to laundry chemicals from automatic dispensers.