Commercial Laundry: New Investors


Welcome to the coin laundry industry! We appreciate your time in evaluating the business opportunity we have to offer you and look forward to assisting you as you develop your business plan. We offer the following information to give you enough insight into the business to determine whether a coin laundry store is the right investment to start your own business, or to diversify your portfolio.

We have been building Maytag coin laundry stores since 1990 and offer you our experience without franchise fees. The fundamentals of the coin laundry business are very straight forward, however, there are many strategic decisions that need to be made.

- Select a qualified, experienced and financially stable distributor.
- Determine your business goals both short term and long term.
- Search for a location.
- Lease and/or purchase negotiations for the intended space.
- Space layout.
- Select qualified contractors
- Equipment training, marketing and operational requirements for start-up.

Caldwell & Gregory, LLC is proud to represent one of the most recognized names in Commercial Laundry, Maytag. Look into the benefits of owning a Maytag Equipped laundry store (there are many) and then give us a call or send an email to start the discussion on how we can make your business ownership dreams a reality. The following link outlines the benefits of the Maytag Equipped Laundry program.

Click the icon to visit Maytag's Investor Site.

Caldwell & Gregory, LLC is a proud member of the CLA Association and we recommend you take a look at their website as they have many excellent training and evaluation tools.