Commercial Laundry: Maytag Laundry Stores


The coin laundry business can be very profitable and rewarding. Using the professional services of Caldwell & Gregory combined with the finest equipment you can buy (Maytag) a coin laundry business can be yours!

Everyone needs to do laundry, and for those who do not have their own washer and dryer, a coin laundry is where they go!

Today's coin laundry stores are modern, efficient and well lit with many amenities that make it comfortable for customers. The newest equipment from Maytag helps save on utilities while increasing customer satisfaction and keeps them coming back!

CLEAN, NEAT & SAFE are how Caldwell & Gregory customers keep their stores and their customers appreciate it. These are simple concepts but very difficult to put into practice on a consistent basis.

BIGGER, BETTER & UNIQUE are the keywords to follow in creating a competitive business. These guiding princples will assist you in keeping your business competitive.

Caldwell & Gregory is proud to distribute Maytag Commercial Laundry equipment. These commercial washers and dryers are specifically designed and engineered for coin or card laundry stores.

Maytag coin operated washers are available in 12 models and there are 11 dryer models available. These washers and dryers can be set to accept coins, tokens or cards. The advanced microprocessors are capable of generating more income with “Super Cycle” or “Cycle Based” pricing options and even “Time of Day” or “Day of the Week” special pricing capabilities.

Call today to discuss how we can make your laundry store more profitable.