Commercial Laundry: Extended Care Facilities


The need for reliable and efficient laundry equipment is critical in a commercial On-Premises Laundry (OPL). Evaluating your laundry for efficiency and lowering costs is important to running a successful OPL. Caldwell & Gregory has years of experience in creating a successful OPL room that your staff feel works well and ownership knows is efficient.

  • Professional Laundry Consultants
  • Full Range of available products
  • Creative proven solutions to your unique needs
  • Time and Energy savings that help your bottom line
  • Full service expertise

Resident safety and proper sanitation are essential considerations when new laundry equipment must be considered. Caldwell & Gregory has provided laundry solutions that address both of these critical issues and we look forward to discussing the SAFE system for your dryers and the benefits of ozone sanitation.