Apartment Laundry: Service


At C&G, exceptional service is the foundation of our success. While other companies talk about a great service experience, we guarantee it! We are the only laundry company that allows our agreements to be cancelled if service is not performed as promised, with no exceptions. As a four time winner of Maytag’s Red Carpet Service Award, we have been recognized as the finest service organization in the country.

Our multi-tiered service model goes well beyond simply fixing machines when they go down. Our approach begins with investing significant labor and capital to prevent failures before they happen, via scheduled preventive maintenance and ventilation cleaning. When a machine does need a repair, we are documented to be on the scene in less than eight hours. The result: machines that work when residents need them to, and increased revenue for our property owners. While our competitors are talking about service excellence, we are bringing it!

"There is no doubt that "professional" is the most appropriate descriptor for the service that C&G provides. There are no more complaints from residents or loss of revenue related to non-functioning equipment. Our owners, residents, Board of Directors, and management team are very pleased with the selection of C&G as our laundry program partner.”

- Vicki Vergagni,
Glen Waye Gardens Condominiums