Apartment Laundry: Laundry Rooms with Style


To maximize resident satisfaction and laundry revenues, we invest significantly in your laundry facilities themselves. Having a well lit, attractive place to wash is critical to making residents want to use your facilities, and to keeping their laundry dollars “on property”. If your laundry facilities are not something you are proud to show prospective residents, you are most likely losing them to properties whose facilities are welcoming and comfortable. C&G will make available both the capital and the contractors to provide the following enhancements:

  • Ventilation improvements; critical to drying in one cycle
  • Fresh Paint
  • New Flooring
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Furniture; garment folding tables & seating units
  • Signage; instructional and promotional

Combined with the finest equipment and our award winning service, our “Laundry Rooms with Style” offer an unmatched opportunity to please residents and maximize income. That is a combination we can all appreciate!

"Most importantly, our residents are thrilled with our new laundry facilities. The renovation of the laundry rooms has given our whole community a huge morale boost. We have rediscovered how important quality laundry services are to our residents."

- Barton Adams
F&W Management Corporation