Apartment Laundry: Energy Efficiency


With today’s spiraling utility rates, it is essential that your laundry provider be focused on maximizing energy efficiency. As a certified Energy Star Partner, C&G is dedicated to minimizing your utility expenses as well as well as promoting a program of sustainability. We make a positive impact on your property in the following ways:

  • Our front load washers use 58% less water than traditional top load machines, saving thousands annually in water and sewer charges.
  • Our front load washers use less hot water as well, significantly reducing utility costs required to heat that water.
  • We utilize washers with a dramatically increased spin speed, removing more water from the clothing and reducing dry time by 25%.
  • We utilize the most energy efficient dryers available, further reducing gas and electrical costs.
  • Our scheduled ventilation cleaning greatly reduces the time needed to dry clothing, and thus the utility costs to run those dryers.
  • Replacing inefficient light fixtures in laundry rooms with new efficient fluorescent fixtures increases the attractiveness of the rooms as well as reduces your lighting bill.

Please contact us for a free utility analysis of your existing equipment, and we will also show you what you could be saving by switching to C&G!

“ GW expects to save more than 5.5 million gallons of water each year because each Front Load washer uses 18 gallons less water per wash than a conventional washer. The University estimates it will save over $50,000.00 per year on water and electric costs by installing these new washing machines.”

- Matt Lindsay
The George Washington University