Apartment Laundry: Cash Accountability


Because most laundry programs base commissions upon income generated, it is critical that property owners have a complete understanding of what is being collected from the laundry rooms. While most laundry companies give little or no accountability of collection data, C&G makes sure that your income is never a mystery. We provide the following assurances to every one of our clients:

  • We are the only laundry company that does not deduct any taxes, fees or miscellaneous charges from your revenue. These fees and taxes that other companies hold back average from 10% to over 20% of income, and most clients are unaware they are being withheld. C&G’s commissions are paid on every dollar collected, with no deductions, period.
  • Every laundry machine and Add-Value Station we operate contains digital accountability measures that track usage from the day it is installed. Your representative is always welcome to audit these counters to ensure revenue is being reported accurately.
  • We will customize revenue reports to provide each location with collection data in a format that is useful and meaningful to them.

With C&G, not knowing what your laundry revenue is, or how you get paid, is a thing of the past!

“Now we understand the value of computerized auditing of revenue.”

- Karen Frank
Georgetown University